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Firsts Step To Sewing With Old Bear

Old Bear Threading

Ribbon Threading

My daughter came home nearly every week with some threading from her Reception class last year. At first I wondered why they were doing so much but when I went into class I realised that it is a brilliant independent activity for 4-5 year olds. It is brilliant for practicing fine motor skills, scissor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is also a good skill to learn as it teaches how to sew before using a needle.

Old Bear by Hevin Henkes

We have been reading Old Bear by Kevin Henkes as part of the Virtual Book club. It is an enchanting story with beautiful pictures showing the seasons. Old Bear is a lovable character and all the girls love teddies so it seemed a good idea to make the old bear.

threading ribbons

I drew a very simple teddy and Molly cut it out.

scissor skills

She used a teddy bear hole punch to make holes all the way around. A circle hole punch is a bit easier.

We needed a little bit of tape to fix the holes which were a bit close to the edge.

hole punch

She taped the ribbon to the back and then threaded it through using a running stitch.

 threading ribbon

We threaded two googly eyes on and a button for a nose. She stuck some fluffy material onto the tummy.

Old Bear Threading

The next stage is to make a teddy using fabric and a needle.

Here is one of the things Molly made at school.


Learn to sew starting with threading ribbon, with Old Bear by Kevin Henkes

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