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This is Davina for Next….

I received an email earlier telling me it was two months since I did The Great South Run. I had to disagree. It’s been two months since I did a run. December has filled me with lethargy brought on by dark evenings and too many mince pies. I can resist anything except temptation so if someone offers me another slice of Christmas cake I’m not going to refuse. All in all I’ve struggled to motivate myself to any sort of healthy activity at all so January is going to bring with it a big health kick. I’m determined to lose my twin mummy tummy once and for all.

I always try to refrain from using the phrase New Years Resolutions or diet. Both make me think of a short term goal which results in piling the weight back on once a few weeks of abstinence are over. Instead I’m trying to convince myself that eating less and exercising more is a natural and desirable mode of living. Unfortunately, exercising with young children is never easy. My usual tactic of walking everywhere no longer works because the twins are at the age when they hate to be trapped in the pram for too long. So like thousands of others I’m planning to enrol my own personal Trainer: Davina McCall in the quest to get fit. I find exercise DVDS are brilliant when you have young children as you can fit them in when they’re asleep. Davina’s are definitely the most fun and you can feel them working.

The Next step (see what I’ve done there) for Davina is to launch a range of workout and post workout clothes. The Davina for Next range will be available in the next Directory, online at and in some select stores from Spring 2012. These are the things I’m coveting from the range which I think are great for working out to her latest exercise DVD which is also available to buy online at Next.

Stripe Vets £18
Charcoal Cuffed Joggers, £25

F.I.T. Technology trainers £45

 I think the best thing about the range is the footwear. Not only are there gym trainers but there’s also a range of pretty ballerina pumps and converse style trainers which harness F.I.T. technology for muscle activation. How fantastic shoes which work your muscles and look good.

Floral Laceless Pumps £28

Although her range of clothes suits working out from home there are also clothes to suit every sort of physical pursuit. There is something to suit everyone.

So I can hear Davina calling me to exercise, hopefully she’s coming to get me off the sofa and exercise, though I can’t promise not to swear I will at least be looking the part. 

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