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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Human Hair Wig

Human Hair Wigs

When we go to the salon, we have a waiting room with posters of hairstyles on the walls. We
have tables with magazines and books about hairstyles and looks in the waiting areas. Yet what
looks great on someone else often loses its appeal when we try it on ourselves.

Finding hairstyles that work for us depends on our face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and
personality. In this article, we will look at face shape, skin tone, and more to help you pick a
winning real hair wig that looks great on you, not just some hair model.

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Round Faces

The Perfect Human Hair Wig for Round Faces:

Strengthening the jawline benefits round faces. A good start is picking a glueless wig with
shoulder-length or longer hair. Wavy and thick human hair wigs work well to bring out the
jawline’s lines.

Hairstyles for round faces to avoid in real human hair wigs:

These hairstyles seldom, if ever, look good on a round face. Pixie cuts and short bob styles make
the face look rounder. When selecting your wig, avoid any with inward-facing layers of hair.

Square Faces

The Perfect Human Hair Wig for Square Faces:

A wide hairline is one of the challenges your human hair wig can help you overcome. A wig that
adds height will create a look of depth, softening those hard angles. Medium or long-haired wigs
will work best. Using the wig’s length to add a stray curl or wisps of hair on either side of your
face will work best.

Hairstyles for square faces to avoid in real human hair wigs:

Bob or bowl styles with hair all the same length are not flattering for people with square-shaped
faces. Select a human hair wig with some curl or layered hair for a more flattering look.

Heart-Shaped Faces

The Perfect Human Hair Wig for Heart-Shaped Faces:

The best wig styles for heart-shaped faces will draw attention away from the jawline. This will
make your face look longer and more balanced. Human hair wigs that sport a bob hairstyle work

Wigs that reach the collar can be styled with a simple side part that runs deep. Consider using
layers in the wig style around the shoulders if your wig has the length.

Hairstyles for heart-shaped faces to avoid in real human hair wigs:

People with heart shaped faces should avoid wearing wigs with short hair. Finding a short
hairstyle that looks good on a heart-shaped face is almost impossible. Uneven layers with a
choppy look will also be unappealing on a heart-shaped face.

Oblong-Shaped Faces

The Perfect Human Hair Wig for Oblong-Shaped Faces:

People with an oblong face often have long necks, which are usually combined with a fine bone
structure. Your wig hairstyle should add roundness to your face. This will help balance the fine
bone bones and long neck.

Consider styles with loose curls or a natural hair wig with natural waves. Straight bangs can also
work well with oblong faces.

Look for a wig that has a flair on the bottom. You want the bottom hair of the wig to flair under
our up and out. Combine this with shoulder-length natural hair wigs. Use curly and naturally
wavy hair to reduce the long and straight portions of the oblong face. This will allow a gentler,
fuller shape to shine.

Hairstyles for oblong shaped faces to avoid in real human hair wigs:

Bob’s and other one-length hairstyles do not give a good look to most people with oblong-shaped
faces. You do not want a wig that will increase the height of the top of your head. This will only
make the oblong shape of your face look stretched.

Oval-Shaped Faces

The Perfect Human Hair Wig for Oval-Shaped Faces:

People with oval-shaped faces are lucky! They can look good in almost any natural hair wig, no
matter its style or cut. The narrower jaw with cheekbones just enough more comprehensive to
create the oval shape creates a balanced look.

While this can sound great, it is also a mixed blessing. As you try on wigs in various lengths,
styles, and more, you quickly realize you have countless options. This can be difficult because
we can only wear one wig at a time.

Find a wig that looks flattering on you and makes you feel good. Hairstyles, more than clothes,
express who we are as individuals. Choose a human hair wig that shows off the fantastic and
interesting person you are.

Hairstyles for oval-shaped faces to avoid in real human hair wigs:

There are a few wigs that look bad on oval-shaped faces. Many of the suggested styles listed for
other face structures were intended to help give an oval shape to the face. Avoid uncomfortable
wigs you do not feel, and show your best self.

Photo by Guilherme Petri on Unsplash

What about hair colour?

What hair colors look best on people with Oblong and heart-shaped faces?

You can color or bleach real human hair wigs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, but you can
change the color a few times. With heart and oblong-shaped faces, we want to use hair color to
make the face look shorter.

We can achieve this by having a darker shade at the crown of our head. Then, the color grows
consistently lighter as the hair flows down half.

What hair colors look best on people with round-shaped faces?

With round-shaped faces, we want to use hair color to draw attention to the cheekbones. This
will add contour and a more pleasing shape to the eye. We can accomplish this by having lighter
shades of hair at the crown of the head. Then, as the hair cascades down, it becomes darker

What hair colors look best on people with long or square-shaped faces?

With square or long-shaped faces, we want to shorten some of that length with the hair shades
we choose for our human hair wig. By selecting a wig with lighter shades starting at eye level
and continuing to the end of the hair and darker shades at the peak of the head, we can achieve this.

People with longish faces can make their faces appear shorter. Begin by working in a lighted
shade lower down the hair, starting at your eyes and continuing to the tips of your hair, and use a
darker tone up top. It really does work to change how your face is viewed.

How can you see what a real human hair wig will look like on YOU?

Even today, with internet shopping offering more options than ever before, it can be nice to
actually try on our new wig before buying it. I would like to visit the Private Label hair store.
They have a great selection online, but the chance to visit a local location is too hard to pass up.

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