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The Rainbow Fish Window Art

Painting the sea

Rainbow Fish Art

Before and after

My daughter was very excited after her first week of school and full of all the things she’d done. I’m sure  after a few weeks we she will be back to shrugging whenever I ask what she’s been up to. They read The Rainbow Fish and she was keen to do some pictures to take in to her teacher.
The Rainbow Fish has always been a favourite for me. The colours are beautiful and the simple story based on the importance of sharing is perfect for infant children. I used this book during my interview for my first ever teaching position. Jobs were very competitive at the time and the interview process was in several stages, including a fifteen minute lesson. I used this book and gave out scales to the children to write on what they would share with a friend.

We stuck different coloured scales onto a foam fish shape,  added a googly eye and some shiny scales made out of tin foil then stuck onto the sea paper. It looked great hung up at the window.

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