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The Magical World of Bayala by Schleich- Review

Bayala fairies

Bayala fairies

We are big Elf and Fairy fans in this house. Who better to make fairy toys than Schleich. We already have a large selection of Schleich animals and I have always admired the craftwork and attention to detail.

Bayala Elf and Pegasus

Just like the animals these figures are highly detailed. They are even wearing beautiful jewelry and there is just the right amount of sparkle. the faces have so much character, and look so individual. No doubt the model makers studied real fairies in great detail to ensure such a likeness. It’s the only possible explanation!

Bayala Elves

We were sent four elf figures to play with, but I have a feeling more will be added to the collection, especially as there are some twins and an Elf merry-go-round.  The graceful characters really stimulate the imagination and provide lots of opportunities for imaginative play. We added some colourful jewels for the water a bit of shiny foam for the grass, a few trees from a different play set and our cardboard castle and instantly had the magical world of Bayala in our kitchen.

Bayala Elves

Molly loved playing with these delightful characters and spent an hour telling stories with them. the King is very naughtey, apparently and keeps trying to give the children too many sweeties so wasn’t allowed to come to the party. These fairies, what can you do?

Disclaimer: I was sent four figures to review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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