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The Land of Sometimes CD and book – Review


When I was a child I would have loved listening to The Land of Sometimes as I would always fall asleep listening to story tapes and music. I’m sure it has something to do with my love of storytelling now. Sometimes it feels like all those words have got jumbled up inside my brain and that is why I have such a compulsion to write. The only problem is sometimes the stories wake you up. I remember listening to Bambi and sobbing for hours over the sad parts, probably not the best idea just before you go to bed.

You won’t have this problem with The Land of Sometimes. The music is beautiful and dreamy. It whisks you off into a land of make believe and adventure where there are four seasons in one day. There are two children Elise and Alfie to guide you through the magical world. The young twins meet a variety of strange and amusing magical creatures who each have their own song.  

The CD comes beautifully packaged in a book full of original artwork, which supports the story. My daughter Molly loves the map of the island. For an older child, this is the ideal introduction to different musical styles as there is a mixture on the CD with Irish Folk, Jazz reggae and disco.

The website which accompanies the CD helps you immerse yourself in the story and learn more about the characters. You can read all the lyrics, learn more about the characters and download activities.

This is a wonderful CD for children of any age. The Land of Sometimes will stay with you forever and ignite your imagination and love for music and song.

The Land of Sometimes is due for release on the 6th February but you can pre order it at Amazon for £8.99 now. 
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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the CD for the purposes of this review. 

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