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The Highs and Lows of Having Twins

To me having children is a bit like those whack-a-mole toys. You sort one problem out, sleeping for example, and then another one pops up. Having twins amplifies this. One of them is happy, contentedly pottering about, probably pulling books off the shelves or drawing on your favourite diary, the other is clinging at your leg, whining. Sleep is the main thing which highlights this, especially during the first year. You might get a good night with one baby – but the other is sure to wake up. We had a couple of nights where the girls got out of synch and we fed and changed one and then went to sleep for half an hour then the other would wake up.

A while ago I watched a comedian talking about being asked which was his favourite twin (this does happen by the way – I didn’t believe it when someone asked me which one I liked best – don’t people think before they speak?) anyway, his answer was – whichever one is not throwing broccolli on the floor. The only problem is as soon as one of them stops throwing broccolli – or raisons, or cheerios, the other one starts

My girls are over a year old now. Thank goodness we’ve got through the baby stage. So it’s a good time to reflect on life with twins. As with anything, there are good things and bad.

The bad

  • Being asked intimate questions by a blank stranger – no I am not going to tell you if I had a c-section or how they were conceived, so don’t ask.
  • Not being able to comfort them when they’re both upset. 
  • Twin pregnancy – for me it was absolutely awful. When you read pregnancy books there is often a list of symptoms you may experience. In my twin pregnancy this was a bit like a checklist – what bizarre thing would I get next. 
  • Twin prams – not just for twins I know. They are expensive, heavy and they don’t fit through doors or around shops.
  • They fight over everything. If one has something, the other wants it and will scratch bite scream until they get it. Favourite things are my purse, the remote control, pens. If one of them has any of these it will result in a riot.
  • Double the mess
  • Tiredness. The chances are one of them will be up in the night. 
  • Never having a free lap. One of them always wants to sit on your lap. Usually both of them want to sit on your lap. Sometimes you want to drink a cup of tea. Sometimes you just want an empty lap.
  • The expense – two lots of everything at the the same time.

 The Good

  • Being told they are beautiful – this does not get boring.
  • When they were little and they slept together, with their heads just touching.
  • People think you’re supermum (I never – ever disabuse them of this). 
  • The kindness of strangers. You have to rely on other people a bit more when you’ve got twins, even if it’s just having someone to hold the door for you.
  • When they hold hands. 
  • They bring each other things. One likes a muslin cloth as a comforter and the other will bring it to her when she’s upset. So sweet. 
  • You get two sets of milestones. It’s so exciting when one learns to walk – just as exciting when the other gets ups and follows them. 
  • They copy each other. Both my girls said “ta” as their first word. Their favourite game was to hand each other things and say “ta” for a while. If you start singing a song the other will come and join in. If you lie on the floor they will both pile on.
  • Double the cuddles.
  • Double the kisses.
  • And the best thing about having twins? When they make each other laugh. 

So having twins is all swings and roundabouts, highs and lows. Does the good out way the bad? I’m pleased to say it does – most days.

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