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The greatest blog post in the world

(This is just a tribute)

Yesterday I wrote the greatest blog post in the world. It was miniature perfection. It had everything in it, pathos, humour and even a dancing dog. It had a brilliant title and the pictures were exquisite. It was a killer post. Reading it back, I laughed until I cried and cried until there were no more tears in the world. It was the sort of post which goes viral, which receives thousands of hits per day and a whole page of comments, which gets retweeted and quoted on the evening news. I would have been made a god of blogging.

Then disaster struck. It needed just one more picture. I closed it down and when I came back the post was gone. Yes I know, terrible isn’t it? It was totally not there. Blogger usually automatically saves every few seconds so I don’t know what had happened. I had started writing the night before and had about ten different windows up so maybe that was the problem. I looked everywhere, through all the drafts and published posts but it wasn’t there.

So that was the end of the greatest post in the world. You will never read it. The world will never know its beauty and wisdom. People all over the world will die without experiencing the exquisite truths contained in it’s hallowed text.

I will never be able to replicate it. I won’t even try. This is just a tribute. It truly was the greatest post in the world.

Or it could have been a review post. Either way grrrrr….

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