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For me T is for twins. It has to be. My life for the past couple of years has been defined by having twins. I am known as the twin mum at the school gates. If I’d only had one baby I’d be back at work, we’d have two cars and more money. But I wouldn’t have two little people, with their own personalities, to love and care for. There was a recent article about twins which was called “twice the burden”. I hate the thought of children as a burden, but there is a lot of work involved.

This is the picture which defines having twins for me. Two sets of bottles. All the time spent in those early days washing bottles, making up bottles, feeding babies. Twin mums do everything twice.

Then here is the other side of the coin. The pay off for all those sleepless nights. The closeness they share. That twin bond, us singletons have never experienced.
It’s the second picture which stays in my head when I think of twins. All those bottles are a forgotten nightmare. All that is left is the cuddles.

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