Here Come The Girls

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The Gallery, Light

Looking through my photos, it’s amazing how the quality of light makes or ruins a picture. There are lots of pictures which have the potential to be great but where the shadow is too dark or the picture is too exposed. I wanted to choose a photo where the light is completely natural, where I haven’t edited it at all.

This is one of my favourite photos. I didn’t spend ages setting it up, it was a bit of a lucky snap. It is purely down to the light which makes the sky so blue and the reflections in the water so clear. It is also one of my favourite places in the world, the creek where I spent many happy hours when I was growing up canoeing and swimming and dreaming up ghost stories. It’s also the church where I snag in the choir and where my brother and several of my friends were married or their children christened.

And of course it has two of my favourite people in the whole world in it. Just looking at this photo makes me feel light.

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