The Gallery -A Happy Memory

If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time (Edith Wharton)

Sometimes you need a bit of hindsight to look back and realise you’re happy. The big important days like birthdays and christmas are wonderful but you’re sometimes so busy trying to be happy you never get time to actually feel happy. This week I know a lot of people have been looking back at the past, often with sadness. So it’s lovely to be able to look for the happy times.
For me the really happy memories are the simple ones, where everyone is together having fun. You don’t need to spend much money – especially if you have young children. They are happy with a lovely day, a beach or park or wood, and a bit of freedom. It helps to be near water. Lots of fresh air so they are ready to sleep. One day in the holidays stands out when everything went well.
Looking through photos on the computer these pictures really stood out. We spent the day on the beach at Hill Head on the South coast. Everyone was in a good mood. The weather was good; not too cold and not too sunny. I think we spent about ten pounds the whole day on ice cream. Lovely.
I’m even in a photograph, taken by my mum, so I must have been happy.

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