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The End of an Era


I feel like I am coming to the end of an era. The days of nappies are nearly over. I honestly couldn’t be happier. Some childhood milestones come with a tinge of sadness but not this one. I don’t mind changing nappies it’s the cost which is upsetting. Having twins that cost is doubled.

On average babies go through 5353 nappies in the first two years that’s 10,706 for twins at a cost of £1,600. It’s shocking when you look at it like that. I can see why people are so passionate about using cloth nappies and early potty training.

With all that nappy buying I have become a bit of an expert at how to save money. I never buy them without going online first to compare prices. It’s so quick to see where has the best deal and nappies take up so much of my budget that it makes sense to choose a supermarket to shop in where they are cheapest. It’s also worth checking out the baby offers as quite often there are good deals on nappies and other baby items at different times during the year and it does pay to stock up then on the essentials. Of course then you have to store them but it’s worth it for the bargain.

When it comes to the brand of nappies I have to admit that I do prefer Pampers. They might seem more expensive but some of the cheaper brands just aren’t as good and you end up using more anyway. I find Pampers seem to work the best and are the most comfortable for the girls. However it is worth trying the supermarket brands – several of which are just as good and often work out much cheaper. Who would have thought I’d have become an expert in nappy buying?

The good thing is now I know the true cost of nappies I know how much I will be saving over the next couple of years. Perhaps we will finally be able to afford a family holiday – well a weekend away at least. Woo Hoo! Then again thinking about it I’m sure the money will soon be sucked into the vortex of school shoes.

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