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The Cat in the Hat Craft

The Cat in the Hat

Today we made a really easy craft based on The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss. Molly was so excited last week when she managed to read the whole book. She couldn’t believe she read so much without help and it has really given her confidence. She loved the story too especially the parts with the naughty Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the cat balancing everything on his head.

The Cat in the Hat

This doesn’t take a lot of materials. You mainly need a couple of photos and some toilet rolls. You can paint or draw on them if you don’t want to stick and you could use a pom-pom for hair if you don’t have a blue pipe cleaner.

Materials You Will Need To Make Your Cat in The Hat Figure

  • 3 toilet rolls
  • A large roll (ours was for sweets)
  • 3 photos
  • a large blue pipe cleaner
  • paper/felt/craft foam in red, black and white (or paint)
  • Black pipe cleaner
The Cat in the Hat

First the rolls need to be coloured in. We used craft foam and stuck it on with double-sided tape. You need two small red tubes. One white with red stripes for the hat and one large black tube. Stick the photos to the tops of the tubes.

The Cat in the Hat

Onto the cat we stuck a white circle for the tummy and used some red felt to make a bow. The pipe cleaner is for the tail but you could also make arms. For the brim of the hat we cut a circle of card and glued it onto the top of the tube then attached the stripy red and white toilet roll to the top using a glue gun (I did this part)

The Cat in the Hat

For Thing 1 and Thing 2 we took the red toilet rolls and added a badge saying their names and some pipe cleaners for the crazy blue hair.

We were pleased with the finished craft and the girls played with the cat in the hat and acted out the book, although they were a little too keen to be the naughty Thing 1 and 2 – so maybe not the best role models!

The Cat in the Hat

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