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The Best Ways to Help Your Aging Parent

As your parent gets older they may need additional assistance. Day to day tasks can become more difficult, and their health and home can suffer. While it can be hard to watch your parents decline, there are ways you can support them throughout this period.

If you have an aging parent you may be wondering how to keep them safe. Here are our top tips for looking after the senior in your life:

Health Insurance

To help your parent stay fit and healthy you should ensure they are receiving the appropriate medical care. Health insurance will be a priority, and they should be able to access Medicare.

When are you eligible for Medicare? The answer is, most permanent U.S. citizens over the age of 65 will be able to apply. There are a few extra conditions, though. For example, they will need to apply within a set window, and be eligible for Social Security benefits. Original Medicare reduces the cost of hospital stays, doctor visits, and other essential healthcare services. It doesn’t cover everything and you may need to boost this through a private health insurer.

Scam Protection

Unfortunately, seniors can be the target of scams. If they do fall victim, they may feel embarrassed and not want to tell anyone. You can protect your parent by having open communication and informing them of potential issues.

For example, teach your parent not to open unusual links or attachments online, and to never share personal information over the phone. Warn them about doorknockers offering to do odd jobs, and ask them to call you if they are ever unsure about something or someone. For those who use a computer, you can set up strong internet security and passwords.

Financial Management

Your aging parent may be having trouble managing their finances, especially if they are not used to being on their own. You can protect them by checking their bank statements to ensure they aren’t being taken advantage of.

See if you can come up with a payment plan to pay off any debts and consolidate their credit cards. Sometimes seniors have outdated plans for their utilities and other monthly expenses, and you can take the time to get them a better deal.

Home Safety

Your parent might have mobility issues, and if this is the case they will benefit from accessibility installations in their home. Depending on their unique circumstances they may need wheelchair ramps, shower rails, and an accessible toilet. With a few alterations, your parent might be able to stay in their own home for longer, or they may prefer to downsize into a smaller property.

There are other ways you can make their home safe. Make sure any maintenance issues have been taken care of, and check that the smoke alarms are working correctly. You can install video cameras for your own peace of mind, and medical alarms they can press in the case of emergency.

Helping Your Aging Parent

If you are worried about your aging parent there are ways you can support them. You may like to plan their health care routine with the help of care planning software. This software helps you to manage health progress notes, day to day activities and tasks, etc. Make sure they have the appropriate healthcare coverage and access to the right treatments and services. You can educate them on common scams and modify their home so that it is safe.

Streamline their finances by consolidating debts and creating a budget. With some assistance, your elderly parents will be happy, protected, and independent throughout their senior years!

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