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The best gifts for children of all ages

Want to please a child and show him your love? Surprise and present the toy or thing he is dreaming of. To do this, it is not necessary to wait for a birthday or New Year. A new board game, designer, doll or machine will surely please the baby and make it possible to feel happy.

If you are going to see relatives or acquaintances for the child’s birthday and don’t know his preferences, you can choose a gift according to your age.

Gifts for the little ones

It is customary for babies and toddlers up to a year to give rattles, baby dishes for feeding, a mobile for a bed, developmental mats, clothes. Devices for caring for the baby will also be a useful and practical gift:

  1. Baby changing table. Designed for dressing, performing hygiene procedures and massage. On shelves and in drawers you can place clothes, diapers, care products and other things that should always be at hand.
  2. Bath for bathing. It is necessary to bathe the baby in the first months daily, therefore young parents will definitely need a baby bath. As a gift, you can also purchase a beautiful washcloth, towels, soap, foam or shampoo. If the baby is already showing interest in rattles, he will love rubber ducks, fish and other bathing toys.
  3. Crib. Usually a crib is purchased before the birth of the baby, so you need to coordinate this purchase with your parents. If you already have a crib, you can give borders or bedding.
  4. Car seat. If your family has a car, you will definitely need a special chair to transport the baby. Today on sale you can find the most diverse models in performance and price.

To save the most interesting moments of the first year of life, you can give young parents a special album in which the first photos will be stored. A supplement to such a gift can be a photo session of a professional photographer. Today, photos of young children in costumes of angels, dolls, gnomes and animals are very popular.

Better yet, give your parents a baby development diary. In this album, not only photographs will be collected, but also all data on height and weight, the first erupted tooth, the first word and the first steps taken independently.

What is better to choose a child of preschool age

Choosing a gift for a boy or girl 3-6 years old should be based on the fact that at this age, children usually want to have a small copy of the main character of their favorite cartoon, a popular doll or robot. Many people like toys that are suitable for collecting and sharing with friends. When buying gifts for children, be sure to take a look at the news that have recently appeared on sale.

The most suitable gifts for a preschool child can be:

Toys Girls are better off picking up a soft toy, a baby doll or a doll, and boys are better off picking up a toy car or a robot. If you know your favorite cartoon baby, give him one or more action figures of the main characters. With them, the child will be able to embody stories already known to him or come up with his own fascinating stories.

  1. Constructors. One of the best educational games. The designer provides an opportunity to train perseverance, fine motor skills of hands, develop imagination and volumetric thinking, realize bold creative ideas. Today on sale you can find wooden, metal, plastic sets and sand table for kids. 
  2. Products for creativity. Almost all children of preschool age love to draw, sculpt and paint. When choosing a gift, pay attention to interactive coloring, sets of felt-tip pens and pencils and other sets that will help your child show his creative abilities.
  3. Board games. Puzzles, dominoes, lotto and other board games are well suited for a fun and useful pastime with friends and family. Such a gift is sure to please the baby.

Recently, gifts that give an opportunity to get an unforgettable experience have become increasingly popular. Memories of such an unusual birthday will remain with the child for a long time. To make the holiday really fun, you can invite friends of the birthday. Such surprises include:

  1. A trip to the circus. Funny clowns, incredible acrobatic stunts and trained animals will surely please and be remembered by the child. In the circus you can laugh a lot and get a lot of positive emotions.
  2. Hike to the amusement park. Riding on a swing and merry-go-round, trampolining, races on a children’s circuit, the ability to shoot in the dash or feel like a real climber – this is not a complete list of entertainment. In between rides, you can eat ice cream or cotton candy. Such a day will definitely leave a lot of pleasant impressions.
  3. Campaign to the zoo. For preschool children, a visit to the zoo is one of the most memorable entertainment. It will be very interesting for them to get acquainted with animals, which before that could only be seen in books or on television. If the contact department works in the zoo, the child will be able to pet the animals, play with them and even feed them. There are many other gift ideas that you can choose for your new born. 

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