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The Beginner’s Guide To Losing Weight With The Bone Broth Diet

People all around the world are buzzing about bone broths; this is due to the belief that these broths have many health benefits. For thousands of years, bone broths have been used to ease many ailments. They may support the kidneys and strengthen the blood. There is currently limited research on bone broth itself. But there is evidence that suggests drinking it may be beneficial to health and could support weight loss. Check out this post to help you with losing weight with the bone broth diet.

The History Of The Bone Broth Diet

The bone broth diet was created by naturopathic doctor Kellyann Petrucci. It combines a low-carb, paleo diet with intermittent fasting over a 21-day weight loss plan. This diet plan incorporates the gut health benefits of paleo eating with the metabolism-boosting effects of intermittent fasting. The collagen-rich nutrients of bone broth could help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days.

Dr Petrucci’s Bone Broth Cookbook

What Is The Bone Broth Diet?

Bone broth is made by simmering the connective tissue and bones of animals. It is a highly nutritious stock that is commonly used in sauces, soups, and gravies. It has recently gained popularity as a health drink. The use of bone based sources can be traced back to prehistoric times. Early human hunter-gathers used otherwise inedible animal parts such as hooves, knuckles, or bones to make broths they could drink. Bone Broth can be made using the bones of any animal like lamb, chicken, cow, pig, or even fish. In Japan a it’s very common and called Dashi. For example Japanese bone broth soup for a Tonkatsu dish uses just pork leg bones. However, it can be made with Chicken carcases and pork soup bones depending on taste. Many people also use the marrow and connective tissues from hooves, beaks, fins, and gizzards when making a bone broth.

How Do You Do The Bone Broth Diet?

The diet consists of eating paleo foods for five days together with cups of Bone Broth. Then the following two days consuming nothing but the broth. Paleo foods are: meat, fish, poultry, healthy fats, eggs, and non-starchy vegetables. Then in addition, consume one to three cups of bone broth. On the two days of fasting, consume three to six cups of bone broth on each day. Dr. Ruscio’s guide to bone broth diets shows how to get the most out of the diet and practice it safely.

Can The Bone Broth Diet Support Weight Loss?

How much weight can you lose on the 21 day bone broth diet?

Can bone broth help you lose weight?

How much weight can you lose on bone broth?

Does bone broth help you lose belly fat?

The Bone Broth Diet can support weight loss
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It’s Packed With Vitamins And Minerals

Bone broth meals can be very nutritious. But the exact nutrient content does depend on the ingredients. Each ingredient brings something different to the table. Animal bones are a rich source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and other trace minerals. They are all needed to strengthen and build your own bones. Fishbones, on the other hand, contain iodine; this is vital for the thyroid and metabolism to function healthily.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are natural compounds found in connective tissue and are known to support healthy joints. In contrast, marrow provides minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, and boron. As well as vitamin A, vitamin K3, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids.

Within all of the animal parts used in a bone broth is the protein collagen. When cooked, this protein turns into gelatine and yields numerous important amino acids.

All of the nutrients are released into the water as the ingredients simmer. Your body can the easily absorb them. Most people don’t get enough of these nutrients in their daily diet. Drinking a bone broth is an excellent way to increase your intake. Unfortunately, every batch of bones, marrow, and connective tissue is different. It therefore makes it tough to know the exact amount of each nutrient in each broth.

Bone Broth Diet in a cup using a readymade

Aids The Digestive System

Over the last decade, scientists have found that your overall health depends on the health of your intestinal tract. Bone broth is easy to digest, making it more gentle on the digestive system. It may also aid in the digestion of other foods.

The gelatin in bone broths attracts and holds liquids naturally; you will find that a properly prepared broth congeals in the fridge due to the gelatine. Gelatine also binds to water in your digestive tract, which helps the food pass through your gut more easily. In a study using mice, gelatine has been shown to heal and protect the mucosal lining of the digestive tract. The results of this study are promising, and it is thought to have the same effect in humans; however, more research is needed to show how effective this is in humans.

An amino acid called glutamine can be found in gelatine and it is known to help maintain the function of the intestinal wall. It has also been found to heal and prevent a condition known as ‘leaky gut’. The leaky gut condition develops when the barrier between your bloodstream and gut becomes impaired; this condition has also been associated with numerous chronic diseases. When this condition develops, substances leak through from the gut into your bloodstream; this leads to inflammation and other problems developing.

Many people with sensitive digestion or those with conditions such as; leaky gut; inflammatory bowel disease; or irritable bowel syndrome have begun drinking bone broth to improve their gut health.

Bone Broth Diet Fights Inflammation

Many essential amino acids found in bone broth, such as glycine and arginine, have strong anti-inflammatory effects; Arginine, in particular, has been used by many people to help fight chronic inflammation. One study showed using arginine reduced airway inflammation in mice. Other studies using animals have suggested that arginine could be beneficial for fighting inflammation in those with obesity. But more research is needed to support these results.

A cup of Bone broth with Lemon
Bone broth could improve immunity

Some inflammation is a necessary part of how your body functions. However, chronic inflammation can lead to several serious diseases. These include diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and many forms of cancer. Anti-inflammatory foods are crucial when on a weight loss journey.

Does Dr Kellyann bone broth really work?

Is it OK to drink bone broth every day?

Where to buy bone broth?

There are now many different ways to do the Bone Broth diet.

Bone Broth Meal & Diet Plans

7-day bone broth diet plan free pdf. THE BONE BROTH DIET + (PRINTABLE SHOPPING LISTS AND MEAL PLANS).

Dr Kellyann’s own meal plan is pretty comprehensive.

What bone broth does Dr Kellyann recommend?

Many bloggers have done it. Here are some good bone broth diet reviews.

Bone broth diet recipes

bone broth diet quick plate

7-day bone broth diet plan pdf

Can I have bone broth on a 3 day fast?

Like with all diets, it’s as much about a change of mindset as it is about a change of food intake. So greater benefits will come from a longer time period. Nevertheless, here’s a write up about doing a 3 day Bone Broth diet by Lindsey Dietz. How To Do A 3-Day Bone Broth Fast (why you should + how to prepare!).

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