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The Basics of Preparing for Your Newborn

The Basics of Preparing for Your Newborn

So you’re welcoming a newborn to the family. Congratulations! What an exciting time for you and yours. But this period may also come with its stressors as you create your baby preparedness plan. It seems like there is never too much you can know when it comes to raising and caring for newborns. If you are becoming overwhelmed with all the information, these are the basics of preparing for your newborn.

Reliable Backup

A common assumption about caring for your newborn is the idea that you must do everything yourself. That is impossible and just plain unsafe. You will need a break now and then, so you should ensure you have safe and reliable backups. Start the search for babysitters and nannies well in advance. Reach out to neighbors and fellow moms for their recommendations on the best sitters in the area and try to get a good rotation going. Even if you plan for your family to watch your baby when you are not around, it is still a good idea to have backups in case anything falls through.


One of the basics of preparing for your newborn is something you may not have considered, and that is getting your CPR certification. As a parent, you will find yourself worrying about everything concerning your newborn. When you have some basic knowledge, you will have more peace of mind and confidence in taking care of your baby. What’s more, it’s actually easier than you think—you can get CPR training online.

Make Your List

Ensure you have all the necessities associated with cleaning, coaxing, and changing your newborn, as you’ll devote much of your time to this in the first couple of months. Stock up on the baby soaps, shampoos, and lotions of your choice. Purchase a good-quality white noise machine—this handy device has saved many a mother in the battle for sleep. Finally, keep in mind that baby skin can be extremely sensitive, so make sure you wash any clothing you buy using hypoallergenic, unscented, or natural detergents. This will also help your clothing last longer.

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