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Teen Drivers’ Advice- How To Stay Safe On & Off The Road

One of the best things about stepping into your teens is getting independence. If you are responsible enough, your parents will allow you to get behind the wheel. Eventually, you can even buy a car and be on your own, like most Canadian kids do. But freedom and responsibilities come as parts of a package deal. You must do everything possible to stay on and off the road. Fortunately, it need not be a huge task if you take road safety seriously. Here is some practical advice that every teenager behind the wheel should follow.

Start with a safe car

Start by choosing a safe and reliable vehicle. It is tempting to try your hand on a fancy car with loads of features, but you may be overwhelmed by the controls. Some research can help you find the best options in safe and reliable cars for beginners. You can seek advice from parents or ask an expert before buying a vehicle. Start small and move to your dream car once you have a good driving record.

Follow the road rules

If you want to stay safe on and off the road, always follow the rules. Most Canadian provinces allow you to get behind the wheel once you are 16, so follow the age regulations. Stick with the speed limits, never text while driving, and steer clear of intoxicants. You can go through the road rules on the internet or discuss these rules regularly with your parents. Keep brushing the basics from time to time.

Never skimp on auto insurance

You may be the safest driver, but the last thing to do is skimp on auto insurance. It keeps you covered if you get into an accident, so you must get it on day one. Teenagers may have to pay a tad more for insurance because they do not have a driving history. But there are options to curb the expense. For example, Edmonton residents can Get the best Auto Insurance Rates in Edmonton by comparing providers and rates. You can look for discounts, bundle your policies, or even get insured on your parents’ policy. 

Practice defensive driving

It makes sense to join a training program to pass the license test and understand the implications of handling a car. But it shouldn’t stop here. You must practice defensive driving every time you are behind the wheel. Parents should do their bit to teach kids defensive skills that let them avert mishaps before they happen. Additionally, share a rulebook to keep them away from distracted driving.

Watch the weather

A large number of accidents in Canada happen due to bad weather. But it is an element that most young drivers fail to consider while ensuring road safety. Young people should stay off the road in inclement weather because they lack experience in handling a car in such situations. Slippery roads and poor visibility are some risk factors to deal with. The best way to address such challenges is to prepare by learning control techniques in a safe environment.

Safety should always be on top of your mind as a teen driver. Follow the rules and show responsible behavior, and you will get better over time. A clean record comes as an additional advantage you get by going the extra mile with safety.

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