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Teacher Presents

Teacher Presents

There’s a lot of stress over giving presents to teachers and most of that is generated by competitive parents wanting to outdo each other. Having been on the other side of the fence, teachers enjoy receiving presents (who doesn’t!) but don’t sit there counting who has sent what or how much it cost. I received some lovely things from parents, including a £50 cheque and a new rug for the house we had just bought. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming – after all you’re just doing your job. I just think if you want to show you appreciation for the hard work put in by your child’s teacher go ahead, but don’t worry what anyone else is doing in the class.

The presents I remember are the ones made by the children. So this morning was time to get out the glitter and sequins and make something with my daughter. We have bought a little present as well but the main thing is making each of her teachers a card. She has thoroughly enjoyed her year at nursery, loves going to school, has made friends and grown in confidence. Everything I would want for her first year. She can’t wait to start Reception in September – so as far as her teachers are concerned – job done.

We always try to do a mother daughter activity when the twins are in bed but usually they wake up in the middle and I spend half the time trying to help whilst simultaneously struggling to get the glue off one baby and apply teething gel to the other. This time we were lucky. The twins both went to sleep and we had a good hour to crack on. We even managed to tidy up. The result is three simple but pretty cards. I hope the teachers like them.

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