Here Come The Girls

The End of an Era

I feel like I am coming to the end of an era. The days of nappies are nearly over. I honestly couldn’t be happier. Some

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teddy bear tea party

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Yesterday we made a rather tasty looking Pavlova. Disappointingly it wasn’t a real one, but was actually made entirely from play dough. Molly thought it

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bottles for twins

One year old

It’s my blogversary – to celebrate I’m republishing my old posts. This is my second ever post about surviving the first year with twins.

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Teddy Bear Chocolate Cakes

Birthdays for twins are pretty special events. Unless you’re really unlucky, a birthday is a special celebration of your life, and you alone. Most people

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newborn twins

Goodnight and goodbye

The twins turn two tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it – no more baby days. Hurray! So of course I’m not feeling sad. Of course not.

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Twin Pregnancy

“So are there twins in the family?” the sonogropher asked. She didn’t need to tell me I was expecting twins because I had already worked

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