Easy Delicious Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches may seem like a simple food item with two slices of bread and layers of food items in between them. You can go for meat, cheese, vegetables, butter, chicken, jam, and many more. And if you spread butter over the slices of the bread, your sandwich can get even tastier. In almost all parts … Read more

Pokemon pizza

Pokemon pizza

If you asked the girls to name something beginning with P, it’s a fairly safe bet that pizza and Pokemon will come first to their minds. They really love them both, having just got into the Pokemon Go craze. So what could be better than Pokemon pizza? Pizza already looks like a bit like a Pokeball. … Read more

Rainbow Cake Recipe


Magician’s Hat Birthday Cake Recipe I’ve been working up to making a rainbow cake for the last six months or so. Gradually the cakes I’ve made have got more and more colours and layers. When Molly said she wanted a magician party I knew exactly what had to go in the middle – what can … Read more

Mini Meat Pie Recipe

meat pie recipe

There is nothing better than a pie at this time of year with the weather turning colder and rain beating down in a constant stream. Warming and satisfying they will fill you up and feel a little bit indulgent. I like to make little pies, they are more tempting for the children and that little … Read more