Here Come The Girls
Child safe websites so children can have fun yet stay safe online

Child safe websites

It’s natural for our children to want to do the things we do. They enjoy joining in with washing the dishes and mowing the lawn.

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The End of an Era

I feel like I am coming to the end of an era. The days of nappies are nearly over. I honestly couldn’t be happier. Some

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Yes Day

Yes Day!

Do you find yourself constantly saying no to your kids? I know I do. Everything they ask for is a no – not today, later,

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International day of the girl child

25 Things to tell my daughters

Today is International Day of the child. This is a day to raise our voices for girls around the world. This post is 25 things I want to tell my daughters as they grow up.

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Call for Submissions for my Blog Carnival

Last month I featured a blog carnival around the subject A Mile in My Shoes about how parents cope with potentially difficult situations. The posts were really amazing and there were a couple I didn’t get chance to feature so I’ve decided to hold it again this month. I will publish next Monday – giving you a chance to send me a post by then.

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five year old

Turning Five

Hi Five! It’s a momentous occasion, turning five. You’re old enough to start to feel grown up, yet young enough to want to have a

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newborn twins

Goodnight and goodbye

The twins turn two tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it – no more baby days. Hurray! So of course I’m not feeling sad. Of course not.

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Can she go out to play?

What age should children be allowed to play outside on their own? A lot of people think it was a good thing that children were given lots of freedom to play outside. Is this still true? Was it ever?

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What is Motherhood?

Describe motherhood in three wordsTiring, really tiring Does your experience differ from your mother’s? How?I think our generation has more pressure to parent a certain

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Twin Pregnancy

“So are there twins in the family?” the sonogropher asked. She didn’t need to tell me I was expecting twins because I had already worked

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