Top Tips to Boost your Website

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So you are finally getting around to it. That website that needs tidying up like a neglected back garden you always want to get around to but always put off. You’ve probably spent more times over the last year directing people away from your website than to it because you know it needs a lot … Read more

Love Eclectic Blogs

I’m on a mission this week. The new Love All Blogs site is up with a showcase for lots of bloggers with 19 different genres. I have a rather eclectic blog, I try to stick to a niche subject matter but it’s not how my mind works, I’m afraid. Until there is a Love Eclectic … Read more

The rise of the mummy blogger

Five months ago I had never heard the phrase “mummy blogger”. I knew people wrote blogs, had stumbled across a few through Google and heard about bloggers getting book deals in the news. I watched Julie and Julia, a film about a cookery blogger although that was mainly because it starred my favourite girl-crush Amy … Read more