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Easter Egg Suncatchers Craft

sharpie decorated Easter eggs

One of our favourite crafts for kids is making sun catchers. There is something really appealing about making something colourful which reflects the light. We wanted a different idea for an Easter craft rather than the flat contact paper and tissue suncatchers we usually make. This was why we decided to use some transparent plastic eggs to make suncatcher Easter eggs which we could hang on our Easter tree.

Easter decorations

All you need for this craft is some sharpies, string or ribbon and transparent plastic eggs.

Sun catcher Easter eggs decoration

Even the cat enjoyed having a go!

You can decorate the eggs however you want. This is a really simple craft for all ages. We used pretty pastel sharpies. You can then draw any Easter or Spring pattern you like. Butterflies and flowers look really pretty.

Easter tree kids craft

We used matching pastel ribbon.

easter tree craft

When they are done then you can hang them on a ribbon. To make the Easter tree we found some sticks from the garden and spray painted them with white spray paint. This is not suitable for children to do. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area for for the spray paint. You can then use the twigs for decorating at other times of year.

Easter kids craft - sun catcher eggs

For an easy pattern you can just add dots in different Easter colours. Or make the dots egg shaped for added Easteriness.

Easter kids craft - sun catcher eggs

At school our chicks have started to hatch so we definitely wanted to decorate the eggs with a chick pattern. Charlotte made one huge chick on hers and I did lots of little chicks.

Easter kids craft - sun catcher eggs

These would be lovely with little chicks and chocolate eggs hidden inside on an Easter egg hunt. You could hang them on the trees to give an extra level for the egg hunting.

sun catcher eggs with chick design

The eggs look lovely when they catch the light.

Easter tree with transparent eggs

Pin for later!

Easter sun catchers made with sharpies and transparent eggs. Great for decoration or to put little chocolate eggs inside. This kids craft is easy and mess free.


Easter Crafts for kids. A great round up of crafts for children aged 5-7 years.

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