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Summer saving

We’ve been trying to save money this summer rather than spend it. We are trying to have as much fun as possible without breaking the bank. It’s hard. Everywhere costs money and even ice creams seem to cost more than last year. We are lucky to have little children. They are easier to entertain than older children – who want to .

1. Stay at home

We’ve been having a staycation this summer. Instead of booking a holiday abroad we can’t really afford instead we have lots of smaller trips planned.

2. Clothes Shopping

Dressing three growing girls can cost a fortune. The twins are really into clothes and love to wear pretty dresses. I could easily spend all my budget on them. Luckily they have a birthday in June so we did get some clothes for presents. There are still other things we need. For this year’s holiday, I am going to use the points from my reward credit card to purchase all the holiday clothes for the girls and save a fortune.

TK Maxx

3. Activities

Use our supermarket rewards. I’ve saved them up so we can do sporting activities like ice skating.

4. Week away

Have a week at my parents – free bed and board and you even get your washing done for you! I’m lucky with this as my parents live within five minutes walk from the beach. Perfect for Summer holidays.

TK Maxx

5. Free Activities

Look for free activities, the park and the beach are great for little children and cost nothing. You can also spend all day there. There are often special free days over the summer and cheap activities for children at the library or in the parks.

6. Pocket Money

Give children pocket money for all the little treats and extras. When it’s gone – it’s gone. Also good for teaching the value of money.

7. Eating Out

Look for two for one codes for eating out. There are lots of good deals.

8. Cinema

Go to the cinema when they have the special children’s showings which are often only a pound. On other times we only go when it’s 2 for 1.  It’s lucky we have the best credit card for when we do need to pay.

9. Camping.

This year we are going on our first ever family camping trip. Once we’ve bought the equipment the cost of camping is very low.

homemade tepee

10. Have fun at home.

We have the paddling pool set up in the garden, sand, trampoline – all which provide hours of fun. We like craft activities like making little boats. All of these are free or cheap and keep the children entertained.

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