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Summer Bucket List


So half term has been a bit of a wash out. Three days of rain has meant planning fun activities for the kids is really hard and they are definitely getting bored. It’s so much easier when the weather is nice. The girls seem so much happier pottering around the garden and sleep so much better for all the fresh air and exercise.

I know once Summer is finally here it will take us all by surprise so I’m trying to plan a few activities for the warmer weather now while I get chance.

bubble blowingHere is my must do list:

  1. Make sandcastles.
  2. Swim in the sea.
  3. Go on a boat.
  4. Make a boat in the sand.
  5. Blo0w bubbles
  6. Blow giant bubbles.
  7. Create a bubble painting.
  8. Have a picnic in the park.
  9. Play with ice in the water tray.
  10. Get out the paddling pool.
  11. Create a slip and slide.
  12. Make a giant painting.
  13. Create a giant water bed.
  14. Go to the zoo.
  15. Catch crickets.
  16. Play tennis.
  17. Go camping.
  18. Have a bonfire.
  19. Toast marshmallows.
  20. Fly a kite.
  21. Climb a tree.
  22. Teach the twins to ride a bike.
  23. Eat ice cream.
  24. Have fish and chips on the beach.
  25. Ride a donkey.
  26. Skip rocks in the sea.
  27. Pick berries.
  28. Hatch out butterflies.
  29. Teach Molly to skip.
  30. Family sports day
  31. Create a car wash.
  32. Grow sunflowers.
  33. Play in the park.
  34. Play tennis.
  35. Set up the sandpit.
  36. Create a water slide.
  37. Go to the fair.
  38. Take a short break.
  39. Make a mud pie.
  40. Play mini golf.
  41. Make a fort.
  42. Have a tepee in the garden.
  43. Draw with chalk.
  44. Read outside.
  45. Fish with nets.
  46. Sail a paper boat.
  47. Make lemonade.
  48. Go to the theme park.
  49. Have a water fight.
  50. Have FUN!
Catching crickets

It was actually much harder to think of all the things I wanted to do. I’m sure there are others I will think of as I go along. I’ve already thought of climbing a tree.

So  what are your essential things to do with the kids?

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