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Build a World with Strictly Briks

The twins love building huge worlds out of bricks. The problem is it gets in a big jumble and doesn’t really end up looking like anything. Which is why we were delighted to be sent some sets from Strictly Briks to review.

Trap and Gap Baseplates

The Trap and Gap baseplates is a versatile set of 10″ x 10″ baseplates which you can use any way you want to make large structures. The baseplates have fold down ramps so they make brilliant garages. You could also use them as a trap door in a spooky castle or just as stairs for your figures to go up and down. It is such a simple idea but really clever.

The colours of green, grey and blue are really flexible. The bricks are 100% Compatible with All Major Brands. We would have liked to have made a double height level to give a bit more room for building rooms but found the ramps didn’t match up.

Straight and Curved Road Base Plate

The girls love to build cars but I’m not keen on them driving on the wooden floors in case it leaves marks. The Straight and Curved Road Base Plates provide a brilliant surface for the vehicles to drive on. They work really well with the Trap and Gap baseplates as you can have the road leading up to the garage.

The roads are really smooth. You can build on the edges and the middle. They would work brilliantly as a play table and can be used as an airport or as part of a town. These sets definitely made playing with the bricks more fun.

The baseplates cost £26.99 for eight plates including four curved and four straight. This makes a really good road circuit.

Disclaimer: We were sent the sets for the purposes of this review. This post contains affiliate links.

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