Stained Glass Window Decorations

One of our favourite ever crafts for kids is to decorate the windows with stained glass windows made from contact paper and tissue paper. It’s a really easy, low-cost craft. All you need is tissue paper, black card or paper and contact paper. You can even buy these things in the Back to School area of the Supermarket at this time of year.

Stained glass window roundup

Stained Glass Window Ideas

The best thing is you can change your decorations really easily and give a completely different look to a room. It is brilliant for holiday decorations. You can make any shape you want. Here are a few ideas of stained glass windows we have made to get you started. 

Balloon Stained Glass Window

4th July stained glass window bunting

World Flags Stained Glass Window

World flags stained glass window

Rainbow Stained Glass Window

Rainbow window decoration

Ladybug Suncatchers

Ladybird stained glass window

Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations

Christmas Tree Sun Catchers

Christmas tree sun catchers

Holly stained glass window craft

Christmas bulbs sun catcher

light bulbs sun catcher

Nativity Scene Sun Catcher

about Christmas for kids

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Stained glass window roundup

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