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Sprinkles of Summer Fun

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We were asked by fab ice lollies to take part in their Sprinkles of Summer Fun Campaign. It was pretty hard to choose our favourite thing to do in the Summer. We love to make mud pies, swim in the sea, have picnics in the park. When I asked the girls what they wanted to do to celebrate the start of Summer they all said the same thing.

Into the Woods


I’m not going to lie to you – as bloggers we have it pretty good. We get to visit theme parks and go to pizza parties and cinema trips – try all these fun family days out. It’s amazing it really is. Yet while those expensive and fancy days out are fun and exhilarating when I ask the girls what is their favourite day out they will all say one thing. A day out in the woods going on an adventure. Much as they love funfair rides and flashing lights the simple pleasure of exploring, of building bashers or coming home tired and muddy and with your hair full of leaves. I can As soon as we start to get the first long Summer day we pack up a picnic and I reach for my camera and off we go. You don’t need much equipment except a good pair of boots. Witch costumes entirely optional.

intothewoods 2

We were really lucky and found this gorgeous view completely by accident when we stopped after a day out. We just stopped and spotted a short track leading to the woods. One of the best things for me is there are no shops, or stall or arcade games. A day at a theme park or shopping centre usually involves a fair amount of whining and lots of requests for toys, or sweets or ice cream. In the woods, there is none of that. Instead of coming back grumpy and dissatisfied you feel calm and happy. Of course, the children falling asleep exhausted is an added bonus.


You don’t need expensive toys in the woods. It’s amazing what children will find to do with a few sticks and twigs. This wood felt really magical and the natural thing was to make broomsticks and magic wands.


While the children play, I like to find a shady spot underneath a tree and look up at the light streaming through the leaves. I’m not sure if I buy into the whole mindfulness thing but there is something incredibly calming about sitting quietly in the woods, listening to the birdsong and the laughter of children.

tree climbing

The children are constantly on the look out for a good climbing tree. This one was a beauty, with lots of thick branches, low enough for them all to get on and a view overlooking the valley.

intothewoods 3

Of course, no adventure is complete without a few disasters and setbacks. There are hills which prove a little too steep, muddy puddles to climb over, and attacks from vicious stinging nettles. But all of these are character building for the mini adventure. Although, I have to say we have been on some days out which have provided a little too much character.


There is something about being out of doors, together which makes you grow together. So mehow we come back stronger and happier and healthier. What could be better?


A Sprinkle of Summer Fun

After a busy day in the sunshine, the girls like to have a treat and fab ice lollies are one of their favourites.

For more great family ideas check out fab ice lolly’s Sprinkles of Summer Fun campaign. There are lots of great ways to have fun with the little ones. These include the chance for one person to win their ultimate summer of fun, as well as chances to win smaller (but still incredible!) prizes.

Head to the fab ice lolly Facebook Page to find out more.

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