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Spider Activities for Kids

Spider activities

Spiders are synonymous with Halloween and this time of year. Whether you love them or loathe them they make a perfect addition to you Halloween activities. Kids are certainly fascinated by them and if they are scared a few fun family activities will make them a bit less fearful. Here you will find over 30 spider activities for kids. everything you need for Halloween and beyond.

Spider activities for kids

Spider Craft Activities for Kids

Spider Pumpkin from Here Come the Girls

This is our spider pumpkin which we will use for decorations this year. It is pretty easy to make, all you need is some spray paint, wire and wtwo and our favourite craft material – googly eyes.

Spider Shirt from The Educator’s Spin on It

This spider shirt is so cool. It would be great for an older kid doesn’t want to wear fancy dress or for a non uniform day at school.

Spider Shirt

Spider Masks from Creative Family Fun

This is such a cute spider craft and can be made by all the family with only a few materials needed. A good one for children who don’t like masks which go over their faces.

Spider masks

Incy Wincy Spider Craft from Nurturestore

This spiswede looks great and it a lovely idea for making with the kidsfro decorate your house.

Incy Wincy Spider Craft

Wet Felt Spider from Curly Birds

I haven’t tried wet felting. It looks very easy to do and the effect is great. There are other fun bugs on the post if you need a change from spiders.

Halloween Spiders from Fab Mums

Such a simple idea, making spiders out of masking tape tape. I love all the different colours.

Halloween spiders

Bottle Cap Spiders from Kids Activities Blog

Another great way to make spiders is with bottle caps. This one also has a spider web for the spiders to sit on.

Spider Silliness

These cute little fellas would be a brilliant addition to your Halloween decorations. I love their kooky eyes.

Spider silliness

Pipe cleaner Spiders from RainyDayMum

Pipe cleaners and play dough – the perfect combination for even the youngest toddler to make their own spiders. With google eyes too of course!

pipe cleaner spiders

Pipe Cleaner Spiders from Creative Connections for Kids

Another great idea for pipe cleaner spiders. This  time pipe cleaners are the only material necessary. It just goes to show you can make anything if you put your mind to it.

Pipe cleaner spider

Spider Play Dough Craft from Taming the Goblin

More play dough Spiders. I love the idea of using sticks for the legs. It would gowell with a walk through the woods – possibly my favourite thingdot do in Autumn.

Spider Play dough

Paper Plate Spotty Spider from No Time for Flash Cards

Paper plates at another great way to make spiders. The addition of spotty stickers meanto this is perfect for any toddlers.

Paper Plate spotty spider

Paper Plate Spider from Momma’s Fun World

Anither paper plate spider. This shows that two people can have the same idea for a craftactivity and it turns out different every time.

Pom Pom Spider from Emmy’s Mummy

I love Pom Poms so this couldn’t be better – a giant Pom Pom made into a spooky spider.

Pom Pom spider

Spider Handprints from MissieLizzie

There is something so perfect about handprint art for young children. This is a great way to make spiders, just make sure they only print 8 legs! I think it would be a great invite to a Halloween party.

Spider Handprints

Finger and Hand Print Spiders from Sugarsnip

If you wanted to send Halloween cards these thumb print spiders would be brilliant. There is also an idea for making handprint spiders.

Finger Print Spiders

Spaghetti Spider Webs from Mom to Two Posh lil Divas

These spider webs loom brilliantly spooky. They would look great on a table of Halloween treats.

From Thread to Web from Boy Mama

This thread spider web was a lovely surprise for after nap time. I like the idea of the straws threaded through. My girls would enjoy playing with this.

How To make a Spider Catcher from Preston Precious 

spider catcher

Spider Games

Spider Web Maze from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

This game looks so much fun. A spider maze to fill your hallway. How fantastic for a Halloween party!

Spider web maze
Spider web maze

 Spider Web Walking Party Game from No Time for Flashcards

Anorther fun party game, this one is good for practicing motor skills. I think my girls would love this one.

Spider web walking party game

Spider Web Obstacle Course from Wildlife Fun 4 Kids

If you want more spider web ideas, this one is brilliant. It looks amazingly realistic. I would love to make this at night time and convince the girls a giant spider had made it!

Spider web obstacle course

Spider web Game from TeachPreschool

A mini version of a spider web game this time. This practices the fine motor skills.

Spider web game
Spider web game

Spider Learning

Spider Sight Words from Mom to 2 Posh lil Divas

Learning how to read sight words can be a but boring after a while. With this fun game of catch with a spooky Halloween spider the kids are bund to beg you to learn their words.

Spider Web Fun in Speech from Playing With Words 365

This idea is simply brilliant. It combines the spiders web game from No Time For Flashcards above with speech and language work. I wonder if this would work for sight words.

Spider Web Speech and language game

Hand-Print Spiders

Although this features a Halloween craft again it is also a speech and language exercise. I love the idea of using craft to encourage and teach language. It would work well for toddlers or for children learning a language. The craft is really cute as well.

Handprint Spiders

There’s a Spider on the Floor from Right From the Start

A fun spider rhyme – perfect for toddlers to learn. My twins love singing and rhymes so I will definitely be teaching them this one.

Spider Rhyme

Spider Craft and Math Game from No Time for FlashCards

This has a craft activity and a fun maths activity too. A great way to do some maths homework in the run up to Halloween. I love the transparent body on this spider.

Spider Math Game

S For Spider from No Time for Flashcards

If your child is learning their letter sounds then spiders are perfect for letter s.

S for Spider
S for Spider

Be Nice To Spiders – Book Review from Best Books for Kids

This post contains a short review of a favourite spider book.

Be Nice to Spiders

Spider Web from csupamoka2

A simple maths idea using spiders and spider webs.

Spider Web maths

Spider Sensory Experiences

Touching a Tarantula from 52 Brand New

You can’t get more sensory than actually touching a tarantula. What a brilliant new experience for children? Itithes aregrace enough.

 Spider Cider Sensory Play from Momma’s Fun World

This sensory play activity looks suitably scary. Spiders and eye balls! Great fun! Non US readers just remember that cider in America is actually like a strong apple juice and is non alcoholic! Although of course the children won’t be drinking it either way!

Spider Recipes

Spider Cupcakes from Here Come the Girls

Here are our chocolate spider cupcakes! Very tasty and great for a party.

Spider cupcakes

Spider Cookies from No Time for Flash Cards

If you don’t like baking these are no-cook treats. Super easy and they look great.

Spider cookies

Banana Spider Bites from Kids Activities Blog

If you want something a little healthier these banana bites are still tasty and look so cute.

Banana Spider Snack Bites

Spider Meatballs from the Educator’s Spin on It

I didn’t expect to find any savoury spiders but these meatballs are brilliant and would look great for Halloween dinner.

Spider Shaped Muffin Tin Lunch from JDaniel2’s Mom

Another savoury idea, this time a cute spider lunch using muffin trays.

Spider Muffin tin lunch

 Spider Cookies from Angelique Felix

Finally another easy cookie recipe. You can make the cookie beforehand or buy them, the fun part is always the decorating!

spider cookies
and finally….

If all these amazing ideas haven’t turned you into a spider fan then you might want to check out this spider catcher gadget from Knees Up Mother Brown!

Spider catcher


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Spider activities for kids

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