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Something I love – twin cuddles


I was never one of those people who got gushingly sentimental about having twins. Some people hope and pray for twins but it was never something I thought about. I was never one of those people who would stop mothers of twins and say how lovely they are. I wouldn’t even have noticed.
That is until I had my own. Now see twins everywhere and I’m far more interested in them. So the twin bond thing wasn’t something I ever thought about it. But it is definitely the best thing about being a multiple mummy. I love watching them develop a special relationship.
My girls already have a physical closeness. This is mostly a good thing, although not when they are biting each other or pushing. They touch each other a lot. When one is poorly the other will sometimes pat them soothingly. When they were tiny they slept head to head. It must have been reassuring. They have something most people will never know. Their speech is developing quickly and they are trying really hard to say each others names.
This photo sums up their relationship for me. They’ve been feeling poorly this week so were having some quiet time on the sofa. They were having a lovely giggly time, cuddling and kissing each other and feeding each other Pom Bears as a special treat. I hope the cuddles continue to be more frequent than the kicking.

This is my favourite photo from my 366 project this week. I will post the others next time.

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