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Snowman Ornament For Kids

Snowman ornament for kids

We are really into making transparent decorations this year. It all started with making transparent Christmas crackers. They look so pretty and glow beautifully in the twinkle of the Christmas lights.

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As soon as we read Snowmen at Night by Caralyn and Mark Buehner I knew we had to make a Christmas ornament to go with it using transparent materials. In the book, the snowmen transform at night time which is why they look a little different every day. I wanted to make an ornament with the children which would look different every time you shake it.

Making Snowman Ornament For Kids

Snowman ornament for kids

I guess this ornament is a cross between a toilet roll snowman and one using a transparent bauble. You need some sheets of acetate – which is clear plastic. I also used a little electric tea light for the bottom but you could just tape the bottom instead. These are all the things we used.

What You Will Need To Make The Snowman Ornament

  • acetate
  • light
  • googly eyes
  • black craft foam cut into circles
  • orange pipe cleaner
  • glitter
  • sequins

For the Snowman’s hat

  • felt
  • pom pom
  • white cotton wool

How To Make The Snowman Ornament

This is really easy to make, but younger children will need a bit of help rolling the acetate. You just need a small piece and then stick it down with sticky tape. Stick the acetate the light.


Then decorate your snowman how you want. You can use googly eyes or some circles of foam. We stuck everything down with double sided tape. I wanted to keep this easy for little ones so made the hat using two semi-circles and stuck together with PVA glue. An older child could sew it together or you could do it for them.

ornament 2

Before you put the hat on the ornament fill the snowman’s tummy with glitter and sequins. You can go to the top or leave a bit of room. You could also use salt in the middle.

ornament 3

When you hang it on the tree it looks lovely with the light shining through. It also acts as a bit of a snow globe as you can shake it and get different patterns. They look lovely next to our other Christmas ornaments. Christmas Tree bead ornament. As well as the Snow Globe Ornaments.

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