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No-Snow Snowman For Kids

balloon ice ball

Do you want to make a snowman for Christmas? This post will tell you how. After all one of the most popular images on a Christmas card is a snowman. They symbolise Christmas. Here’s our No-Snow Snowman for kids craft.

There is one big problem with this: for the majority of people across the world it will not snow at Christmas. No snow = no snowman. No snowman = sad children. As soon as we started saying it was nearly Christmas the girls started asking when it will snow and when can they build a snowman. Well I think I’ve got the solution. The perfect no-snow Snowman!

This little fella is made with ice not snow, it’s a lot harder to make but the effect is a cute little snowman. It would make such a lovely surprise for the children.

no snow snowman

First we filled some balloons with water. The easiest way to do this is to pull the empty balloon over the tap and pour a little water in at a time. I tried to make one balloon a bit bigger than the other but i didn’t judge it quite right.

snowman snowman

Then leave over night in the freezer. I think it would help if you put something on top of the balloon as it would work better if the ice ball is flat on the bottom and top. You would have to do this gently though.

snowman snowman
balloon ice ball

The next day you will have two perfect ice balls. All you need to do is very carefully cut off the balloon.

snowman for Christmas

I got this idea for making ice balloons on Pinterest where they made coloured balls by adding food colouring. We were all amazed by how beautiful they turn out.

balloon ice balls

The next part was a bit harder than I had anticipated. My balloons had turned out perfectly round which meant they did not stick together. The hubby had a good idea to put a little salt on the top and this mean that I could fuse the two balls in place. I also had to put the bottom one into a bowl so it didn’t roll around.

snowman snowman

Then I wrapped a bit of Christmas ribbon around the snowman for a scarf and put a small wooly hat on top (this was from the Innocent smoothies last year)

no snow snowman

The next part was the harder, there was no way to stick on the button eyes or carrot. I now think you need to put the ball back in the freezer with the eyes attached somehow so they will fuse on with a layer of ice, ony problem is I haven’t worked out how to do that. in the meantime my solution was to use a hammer and pins. The ice balls are amazingly hard and you can put a pin into them – although you need to wear gloves as it is sooooo cold. This took several goes and I didn’t want to bang the pins in too hard in case the ice split. I did eventually get the carrot and the button eyes stuck on. Then I put the head back onto the body. The fact the ice had started to melt a little meant it was a lot easier to stick the two parts together.

Anyway I’m quite pleased with the result. A lovely no snow man snowman. It’s not the same as a snow snowman but I think it’s quite beautiful.

ice snowman

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No snow snowman - create a snowman using frozen balloons
No snow snowman - create a snowman using frozen balloons

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