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Snow Scene Sensory Boxes

 The first thing that we get out of the Christmas boxes when they come down from the loft are our Happyland characters and a few other winter friends.  This year I wanted to make a couple of sensory boxes for the girls to play with. The first picture is a snow scene just for our four year old as it has glitter and small pom poms. It is perfect for winter a it has lots of white and silver colours and lots of different textures to explore. 

 This is the snow scene sensory box for the twins to play with. In their sensory box, they have pom poms, silver string, silver coins, packaging noodles and the Christmas Happyland toys.

 I gave them bowls so they could sort the things into mini snow scenes. Rose loved doing this. Unfortunately, Charlotte preferred to throw everything out of the box onto the floor. Oh well. It kept her happy.

Sometimes that’s the best you can ask for!

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