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Snow Globe Christmas Crackers

Snow globe crackers

I’ve had Make Christmas Crackers on my to-do list for a good few years. I’ve bought the bits and pieces needed to make them but somehow it has got lost in the rush of Christmas preparations. I was determined that this would be the year to make some especially as I had an idea to make them even more special.

Snow globe crackers

I thought what would make crackers really unusual was if you could see the contents inside. Sort of deconstructed crackers, I suppose. If you wrapped up the gift then that could still be a surprise. This led me to think that they would make a great snow globe. I wasn’t entirely sure it would work though.

What You Will Need To Make The Snow Globe Christmas Crackers

  • Cellophane
  • Acetate
  • yarn
  • ribbon
  • glitter and sequins
  • beads, buttons or little characters to go in the snow globe

The first thing I made was some tubes using the acetate which were about the same size as a toilet roll tube. Acetate is something we used to use at school on the overhead projector. It is a set of thick transparent plastic. I found a pack of A3 acetate at Hobbycraft and cut it to size but you could use plastic from a container as long as it bends and isn’t too floppy.

Snow globe crackers

The cellophane was from the flower arranging section at Hobbycraft. I think you’d probably be able to buy it at the florists or somewhere for wrapping presents. I bought a roll of clear cellophane but I think a patterned one would look nice too although you wouldn’t be able to see the contents as well. I cut the cellophane so it rolled around the roll of acetate but left some either end. I also added a string of ribbon in place of the cracker snap. This just lay in between the acetate and cellophane.

Snow globe crackers

I rolled the cellophane around the plastic tubes and then tied one end with some string. The next bit the girls loved as they got to fill the crackers. Charlotte was delighted when I handed over the glitter. I had set out some trays with all the sparkly bits and pieces and let them put in what they wanted. Some went down the side rather than the middle but that actually looked ok. One fell apart as the cellophane does tear easily . We added a little gingerbread character to go in the snow and a few beads for extra glitter.

Christmas crackers

After that, I just tied up the other end and made sure both sides were secure. I had a few glittery balls on wire which I tied round the ends for a bit of extra detail.

Snow globe crackers

These crackers would work really well as a place setting. You could put names on the ribbon or on a little gift card at one end. They would look lovely if you were having a Winter Wonderland themed party in a large pile or on a Christmas tree.

Snow globe crackers

I am so pleased they actually worked and they were surprisingly easy to make.

Snow globe crackers

So far we have made three but I think we will do some more at the weekend and add some different things into the snow globe. I will have to look out for some tiny animals and things to go inside.

Snow globe crackers

The girls were really delighted with how they turned out. Charlotte sat and shook hers a lot so she could see the gingerbread man. Luckily nothing fell out so I must have tied it tightly enough. I did have visions of glitter flying everywhere.

Snow globe crackers

Now who is going to win!

Snow globe crackers

Snow Globe Crackers

These are simply stunning! Crackers which double up as snow globes. So beautiful yet really easy to make.

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