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Snow fun


I couldn’t pick one picture from yesterday so I had to choose two. I love snow photos – there is something special about the light and the background is always good because of the coating of snow. I love the expression on their happy flushed faces. I am especially pleased with these pictures as Rosie finally enjoyed being in the snow so we could all spend longer out having fun. We are lucky to have a park with great slopes to sledge down behind our house so just ready to head out for more snow action.

Of course the best thing about getting out in the snow is how very tiring it is. After several hours outside we got back – spent ages taking off all the snow gear and I tucked the girls up on the sofa with a blanket and steaming cups of hot chocolate. They watched their favourite film happily for half an hour or so without moving an inch which gave me plenty of time to have five minutes to myself. I went onto the internet to check out a recommendation for a website: Nothing better than a half hour of peace and quiet after all that fun outside. Bliss!

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