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#SNAPSTAR Squad Review

The twins were delighted to be sent an influencer box of #SNAPSTAR dolls from YULU to review. They have always enjoyed playing with dolls but lately have started to lose interest in them. As they get older they want something a little more grown up and fashionable. The #SNAPSTAR dolls fit well into the craze for influencers.

#Snapstar influencer box

#SNAPSTAR 25cm dolls

There are six different dolls all with their own style and personality. You can chose from Lola, Aspen, Dawn, Yuki, Echo and Izzy. They are 25cm which is a really great size, click and a little different from any other doll we have tried. I love the cool boxes which look like a phone case and the brand name with a hashtag in it. It really appeals to older preteen girls.

#Snapstar 25 inch dolls, Izzy and Aspen
#Snapstar 25 inch dolls, in the garden

We were sent two#SNAPSTAR dolls Aspen and Izzy. Each doll comes complete with a full outfit, accessories, removable hairstyle, green screen and stand. They have the perfect influencer pout and look really cool and grown up. The twins love their accessories, each has a cute mobile phone, of course, as well as bags and earrings to match their outfit. The outfits are stylish and well made and easy to change. The girls particularly liked Izzy’s fluffy cardigan  and hoop earring. We also liked the stand as you can display your dolls in your bedroom. 

#SNAPSTAR Outfit Pack

We were also sent an outfit pack for each doll. These cost £4.99 and come with a complete outfit for each doll. There are six different outfit packs to choose from. We were sent a cute strapless blue jumpsuit with white trainers and matching sunglasses and a peach summer dress and a bag sandals, and earrings. These give a really different look and can be used with any of the dolls or you can mix and match.

#Snapstar 25 inch dolls, outfit packs

The best thing about these dolls is that you can find one to suit your personalities and interests. I’m not sure how aspirational it is to want to be a social media influencer but it is certainly a very popular ambition these days.

Twin girls playing with #Snapstar 25 inch dolls,

The girls love everything about the dolls, the only thing they are not so keen on is that the hair comes off. They love the hairstyles and would like to be able to brush and style the dolls hair, but because it come off this makes it really hard.

children holding #Snapstar 25 inch dolls,


As we as the dolls you also get a green screen. This is a fun idea which really makes the dolls seem unique. There is a free app you can download which means you can take a picture of your dolls against the greens screen and use the app to add backgrounds and stickers.

green screen for children holding #Snapstar dolls

You can use the stand to hold your doll in place. The stand is green so it doesn’t show up when you take the photo. The dolls are fully posable so you can style them how you want.

taking a photo using green screen and #Snapstar dolls

The app is fun and easy to use. The photo backgrounds make the picture come alive. You can put your doll on the beach or at a disco. Then you can add borders and the name of your doll as well as lots of different stickers. You can also add makeup to your doll and change the eye colour and shape. These are the photos the girls took and edited.

 #Snapstar APP edited photo with Izzy doll

“Do cool things, take cool photos.”

 #Snapstar APP edited photo with Aspen doll

The twins have had a great time playing with their dolls and have already asked for more to add to their collection for Christmas. Charlotte has asked for Lola as she has rainbow hair. The #SNAPSTAR dolls are sure to be a big hit this Christmas

Disclaimer: We were sent the dolls for the purposes of this review. 

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