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Smiggle Stationery Products Review


The girls have a fondness for Stationery and particularly like anything from Smiggle. It is one of the few shops they all enjoy going in. They were delighted to be sent a big parcel of products to try for National Stationery Week.
Smiggle are brilliant products for getting children to enjoy writing. They are so fun and colourful and are designed so cleverly for children to play with and enjoy. All the girls now have their own Smiggle backpack and they are the best ones we have bought for school or for trips away. The material is very strong and will definitely last, even with being banged about and pulled along the floor – daily occurrences for a child’s backpack!


The backpacks are bright and fun but are cleverly designed with lots of pockets in them so there is space for all the many things you need for school. I particularly like the side pockets which are made from mesh to store your water bottle. The water bottle too is a great product. They are big enough to provide enough water for the day and are really easy to clean. I like the fact you can get a bottle and backpack in complimentary colours. It makes it very easy to find your things.

Smiggle Although the twins don’t use a backpack for school yet, they love their Smiggle backpacks. They love to pack them full of their toys for a day out.

Although the twins don’t use a backpack for school yet, they love their Smiggle backpacks. They love to pack them full of their toys for a day out. They also use them for role play. They like to pretend they are in Junior school. It’s amazing how much they can pack into their backpack, including a huge box of pens, a dinosaur, a cuddly toy and lots of nail polish.


I love the basic stationery products from Smiggle, especially the pen sets. These seem to last a really long time and the colours are really vivid. We were sent a twin tip set which is a brilliant idea as it uses all the ink. Other everyday products we love are the pencil cases which coordinate with the bags and again have loads of pockets for keeping your things organised. Plus you can even match your erasers and pencil sharpners.


As well as stationery, there are lots of other fun products for kids. You can get erasers of all shapes and colours. Great for a stocking filler present or something fun to buy with pocket money. There are also several things which remind me of favourite toys from my childhood. The girls love the pin art star and the snake puzzle and have loads of fun making shapes from it.


Smiggle is definitely a good place to look if you are trying to encourage your child to enjoy writing. The only problem is that you will want to keep a lot of the products for yourself. Who wouldn’t want to use cookie flavour pencils or have a pin art star on their desk to play with?
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Disclaimer: We were sent the Smiggle products for the purposes of this review.

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