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SmART Sketcher Projector

My children all love to draw, I spent the Summer taking sketchbooks on all our days out and started to see them really growing in confidence. However, they often say how disappointed they are when their drawings don’t look how they want them to look. The SmART Sketcher Projector is a brilliant product which helps children draw realistic pictures and really hone their sketching skills. 

The smART sketcher looks really cute. It is quite compact, the projector head can be taken off and is stored at the bottom. I did worry at first that it wasn’t included in the box as it is packed away so neatly I couldn’t see it.

As well as being able to draw pictures, you can also use the SmART Sketcher for learning activities. There are some letter formation activities and spellings to do already programmed into the projector. You could use it to practice any spelling words or handwriting.  I would love one of these for my classroom. I think it would be really popular and have so many uses in school.

There are several pictures to draw already on the projector. It comes with a small memory card which holds several easy to follow drawings as well as the learning activities. You simply press the arrow to get a step by step projection of what to draw. We tried a pretty fairy. It was really easy and would be suitable for a child aged five to copy.

The projector’s feet come out to hold your paper and you can use any drawing materials you already have, there are no art materials included in the pack. The projector then puts an image onto the table in front of you.  The SmART sketcher requires 4 x D batteries which are not included but it does have a mains adapter to plug it in.

When you have completed your drawing the background lights up and there is an animation. This is really fun and makes the picture come to life. You can then colour it in however you want.

Our favourite feature of the SmART Sketcher is that you can take a photo or use one in your photo album to draw. All you have to do is download the free app which is really easy to use. We took a photo of the cat and used that to trace a picture. You could use the picture for a card or for projects for school, the possibilities are endless.

It was so easy to use and gave the girls lots of confidence and satisfaction with their final drawing. The SmART Sketcher costs £69.99 and would be a lovely Christmas present for an aspiring artist. I think the girls are going to get lots of use out of it. I’m just hoping they let me have a go!

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