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Small World Water Ride

This could also be called “How to cheer up grumpy poorly girls.” Sometimes you really need a quick distraction technique. We’ve had one of those weeks where the girls are a bit under-the-weather and getting on each others nerves and sometimes they just need something fun and different. This definitely did the tricks. They were soon playing happily. They loved pouring water down the tubes and then letting the toys go down. they each chose a toy which looks like them and didn’t mind that we only had one actual swimmer.

We used:

  • plastic trays
  • drain pipes
  • duct tape
  • small world toys
  • water!

This is also great if you don’t like mess. The girls played in the bathroom with a towel on the floor and yes they got a little wet and I did need to change clothes afterwards but there wasn’t much to clean up.

Small world play

Well there wouldn’t have been except I thought it was a good idea to give the girls some foam soap so they could turn their water slide into a foam slide. Oh well they needed a shower anyway!

Small world play

This post is one of the Centre Parcs Family Blogger Challenges. Watch out for them every month and if you take part you could get the chance to visit Center Parcs next year! Doing this has definitely got me looking forward to our trip – which is coming soon next month – yay!

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