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Small living room ideas with a TV

TV in a small living room

With a smaller living space, you must be strategic with your furniture selection as too much furniture placed in the wrong sections of the room will only appear as disarranged and more cluttered. Furniture and electronics can sometimes be outright bulky and therefore the space can appear compact and limited. Quite often, however, you may be able to make the room look much bigger than it appears. A TV, for example, is one item that may appear as a bit of a monstrosity, especially in a small living room space, but what some people don’t know is that it does not always need to take up a whole lot of space. Although it seems sturdy and sizable, there are many places you can put your TV that will utilise your living space. Here we will discuss small living room ideas with a TV incorporated.

Mounted onto your wall  

As expected, this is our first and the most basic suggestion. It is becoming more and more popular now to wall mount your TV meaning that floor space is opened up as you are getting rid of TV stands or cabinets. This will make the space look more minimal, and if you do require extra storage underneath the TV, do not hesitate to invest in a wall entertainment unit. This can be extremely useful for extra storage room and they do tend to look quite put together against the wall, as long as they are not filled entirely. You can also invest in wall units that mount fully around the whole unit.  Contact  to mount your TV today.

Choosing a TV for a small living room is tricky. Source Unsplash

Built-in LED TV feature wall

This suggestion does have the ability to be a pricey one however, when done right, it can look outstanding. You can probably picture this suggestion in your head as it seems to be a trend in the UK at the moment. You will most likely require professional services from a joiner unless you are capable of building and have the patience to perform DIY tasks. This method requires an extension to your wall by building frames and using a stud wall to achieve your final look so it may be a lengthy project. The TV is essentially built into this design meaning that it is integrated into the wall and looks more compact in your space. This whole design looks extremely sleek and, in some cases, an electric fireplace can also be built just below the TV, and shelves can be built around. This design makes the room look a lot more homely and organised just by simply expanding and bringing out the wall slightly.  

Incorporated into your workspace

It can be proven that the way we work has been completely changed due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. The work-from-home situation that had originated at the beginning of the pandemic has turned into a new way of working for a large variety of employees. As employers have established the successes of working from home many employees remain working from home still to this day. This is not always ideal, especially if you have limited living space with little room for a home office. If you work in your living room, you can always incorporate your TV into your workspace. Insert a long unit/desk along the wall where your TV will be situated. With the length of the desk, you will be able to incorporate a workspace at one of the ends and the TV in the middle. The TV in this case can then either be mounted on the wall or placed on the unit or desk. With your workspace at one end, simply place your computer or laptop at this end and an office chair. This consolidates the two spaces into one, utilising your small living room with a TV as well as an office space.  

Behind a bookcase or unit

As discussed, the look of a TV can be extremely dominating and some homeowners would much prefer this to be hidden, if possible, especially when it is rarely used. Why not build a sliding bookcase across your wall or even a sliding door unit that allows the doors to slide completely over the TV to hide it when needed. In this case, we would recommend for the TV to be mounted on the wall, this means that when the unit doors or bookcase slides in front, it will not have the ability to knock into or damage the TV. This is beneficial for those homeowners who do require extra storage.


So, there you have it, several small living room ideas with a TV that can utilise your room space and make your TV area look good in the process. Whatever the outcome may be, we are sure that these creative ideas will look a whole lot nicer in your living room than a standard wooden, glass, or gloss unit with the TV on top. As well as this, the ideas above can also add additional storage to your room without looking overpoweringly cluttered.  

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