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Sisters Day with Baby Born Big Sister

Baby Born Big Sister doll

Today we have been celebrating National Sisters Day with Baby Born. Having three daughters, I was really interested to see how their relationship would grow and change. My youngest are also twin sisters, so they have a really special relationship, one which few people get to experience.

Baby Born Big Sister doll

We were sent a Big Sister doll to review on National Sister Day. I love the idea of this doll, she is not a baby doll, so a different experience for the girls.

Baby Born Big Sister doll

The Big Sister doll has a pretty, realistic face. It is very realistic with wide blue eyes and a long eye lashes. She has shiny blonde hair, which the girls find fascinating. This is a lovely doll to buy if your children enjoy playing with hair. You can style her hair however you like. It is very easy to plait or to put into a pony tail.

I’ve been so surprised with how much the girls have played with the Big Sister doll. They have taken her wherever they go and treated her just like a sister. I think that’s in part to her selection of accessories, which include a bottle, some hair clips and hair bands, a hair brush and a necklace and bracelet. Her clothes are also really cute. She wears jeggings and a sweet top with Love written on it. These are all easy to change, as well as her little pink boots.

The best thing about this doll is how it’s brought the twins together. They have really enjoyed playing with her and the entire weekend has been dominated by their game where they are all sisters, each with different names, which is a little confusing. It has been lovely seeing how it brings out their caring and nurturing side as they look after the doll.

I asked the twins what they liked best about having a sister, especially a twin sister. They said that there is always someone to play with, they like the same games. Also that if they go to the shop they remember what their sister’s favourite chocolate bar is. I guess when you’re seven you can’t get more important than that!

Disclaimer: we were sent the doll for the purposes of this post.



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