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Simple Ways to Make Your House Stand Out This Halloween 

Whether you are expecting kids to come trick or treating at your door or you want to decorate your home for a Halloween party, the right Halloween decor will make your home look festive and help you stand out from your neighbors on the street. If you want your home to look as spooky as possible for this October event, then there are many different decoration ideas to choose from. The right choice of decor, some artistic vision and a keen eye for detail will help you set your home apart from the rest of your street.  

Be Original 

Skeletons, bats, and some tombstones are pretty much what everybody goes for at Halloween, so it’s worth looking around to see what your neighbors are decorating their homes with so that you can go for some more original options that nobody else has. After all, the house that’s going to stand out the most on the street is the one that has the most original look and design. This could mean making your own decorations to ensure that nobody else has the same ones or using a genuinely creepy set of lights. The aim of the game is to have people doing a double-take when they go past your home at Halloween.  

Opt for Autumnal Colors 

Why not take your Halloween setup one step further and opt for decor that you can utilize throughout the entire fall season? Black, orange, purple and red are all very seasonal colors and can easily be incorporated into your Halloween decor. Pumpkins are a popular Halloween decoration, so why not get creative with pumpkin carving and come up with ideas that you know nobody else is going to have? 

Scary or Cute 

The way you decorate your home at Halloween is completely up to you, and there are several different options to choose from when it comes to your style. Some people prefer to go for the genuinely scary and spooky look with ghosts and ghouls, while others prefer more gory stuff like zombies and blood and guts. Perhaps you’d like to go for a cuter theme with adorable jack-o-lanterns and Halloween bunting. Make your decision based on your own personal preferences and the type of people that are going to be visiting your home for the event, too. If you’re catering to children who are trick or treating in the area, you’ll probably want to go for something silly or cute rather than terrifying.  

Make it Fun 

If you’re catering to the trick or treaters in your area this year, then there are plenty of ideas for making your Halloween decor more interactive and fun. For example, you could set up a Halloween obstacle course to your front door with a path for trick or treaters to take that walks them through a ‘graveyard’ complete with tombstones and other spooky decorations. Or, you could set up a trick or treating treasure hunt in your front yard with treats hidden away in spooky places for the trick or treaters to find. Be sure to keep it safe and take precautions to avoid trips and falls.  

Light it Up 

A decorated house that’s well-lit will not only stand out on the street, but also make sure that the trick or treaters don’t miss the fun. One great way to light up your house in spooky Halloween style is to make silhouettes for your windows. Place large cutouts of ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, witches, and other spooky shapes in the windows of your home and place yellow, orange, or red light bulbs in your indoor lights. Once you turn the lights on, you’ll get a really fun, spooky effect from the outdoors.  

Glow in the Dark Body Paint 

While you’re decorating your home, don’t forget about one important last thing to dress up for Halloween – yourself! Making yourself spooky or wearing a scary costume is going to really complete the look, especially when you answer the door to your trick or treaters. Glow in the dark body paint is a really fun idea for Halloween as you can use it to paint all kinds of spooky things on yourself.  

A glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume complete with glow-in-the-dark face paint is a really fun outfit idea that will certainly give the trick or treaters a fright when you open your door in the dark to hand out their candy. You can learn more about glow in the dark here if you’ve always wanted to know ‘how does glow in the dark work?’ before you incorporate it into your Halloween outfit. You can also find some useful reviews for different glow in the dark body and face paints too on this website 

Whether you prefer cute, spooky, or gory, there are plenty of ways to make your home stand out on the street this Halloween.  

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