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Simple Halloween Art Using Fruit Loops

fruit loops

Pumpkin Art

We don’t normally have fruit loops in the UK, but they are a limited edition at the moment. Here’s our foot loop Halloween art. When I saw the colours I immediately thought they would make great material for Halloween art for the kids to make.

Halloween pumpkin picture

I am always a bit reluctant to use food for art as it seems such a waste. However, Charlotte was in a particularly destructive mood and managed to get hold of an open packet of fruit loops and tipped them all over the floor shouting gleefully “Oh dear!” (That brought her tally to a packet of cereal, 2 mugs and 3 tubs of glitter – for that hour alone). As the cereal was ruined anyway I thought it was a good opportunity to let them use it for making a Halloween picture.

Fruit loop colour matching

The first job was sorting the fruit loops into colours. This was a brilliant activity for the twins as they are two and are just learning their colours. At first they just threw the fruit loops in the bowl but soon they worked out what to do and started sorting them into the correct colour. It was a great language exercise as they talked about the colours the whole time.

Fruit loop sorting

I drew a pumpkin onto orange paper and they just had to fill it with fruit loops. I did put some contact paper in between but unfortunately it wasn’t sticky enough to hold the fruit loops. Another time I would get them to stick them onto the paper with PVA glue.

fruit loops

Molly, who is five enjoyed doing this on her own. I worked with Rose and she was pretty good at putting them in the right places. Charlotte had got bored by this point and spent the rest of the time scrunching up contact paper. She had enjoyed the colour sorting though so it was still a good activity for her.


The final result was a pumpkin picture made out of fruit loops. It was a really simple Halloween art activity with minimal mess and was great for a bit of practice at colour sorting and vocabulary.

Fruit loop Halloween art for kids

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