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Shoulder Buddies – review

Shoulder Buddies
Shoulder Buddies
Meet Rainbow

If you have a child who loves imaginative play and cute fluffy toys these cute Shoulder Buddies are a perfect mix. They are cleverly designed to sit on your shoulder so you can take them wherever you go. M has always had imaginary friends. We had a few disasters where she wouldn’t leave the park until I rounded up all her imaginary dogs. As I wasn’t doing it correctly it took quite a long time. She’s a child who hates to be alone so having a little friend she can take with her is brilliant.

shoulder buddies
Hellooooo, little fella

The shoulder buddies have big fluffy hair which reminds me of the troll craze from a few years ago. The shoulder buddies are much cuter though and look like little birds. You attach them to clothes with a magic coin. This is a magnet which you place inside your clothes and which attracts the magnet in the shoulder buddy.  It is quite secure as the magnet is pretty strong, although I did need to remind M not to mess with it too much or it would fall off.

shoulder buddy
Not just for shoulders

M loves her shoulder buddy, who she has called Rainbow, because he has rainbow hair. She has carried him around every day and he has pride of place in her bed.

shoulder buddy
They turn up everywhere

Shoulder buddies cost around £4.99 so ideal to buy with pocket money or as a stocking filler. Perhaps they will become the next collecting craze.

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