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Should Word Games Be a Part of the Daily Routine of Kids?

Should Word Games Be a Part of the Daily Routine of Kids?

Kids love playing games, and word games are no different. Word games are fun to play, but more importantly, they improve your knowledge of new words and phrases.

People use dictionaries, online tools, and courses to enrich their vocabulary with new words. However, it is a little too humdrum for kids, so I prefer using word games.

Anagrams, Wordles, and crosswords are a perfect way to start. I do not recommend high-level games like Scrabble and Boggle at the beginning, but gradually you can add them to the kids’ routine.

Which Games Should You Add to Your Kids’ Routine?

As mentioned earlier, I prefer games like wordles, anagram, crosswords, and Scrabble. But, which of them should you add to your kids’ routine? 

1) Online Word Tools

Word tools can help you win any word games and improve your vocabulary. One positive thing about these tools is that you do not have to play or compete against anyone. 

You can start using them even if you are not playing any game. These tools come in handy using seven or more letter words in games like Scrabble. These word tools can find words or phrases for you with specific conditions like words without vowels, seven-letter words, words with given initials, etc. You can check out this updated list of all the words you can use to win your next word game.

Online word tools also come in handy when you want to add new words to enrich your vocabulary. You can search for new words or phrases by giving specific conditions.

For instance, you can search for 9-letter words if you want to learn longer words. Some word tools also give you meanings of asked words. You can also enter other conditions according to your will and needs. 

Another use of these online word tools is winning against your opponents. Although it is not allowed in professional games, using these while playing against your friends makes the games more fun. You can end the game early and allow other players to use these tools.

Sometimes, I use these tools without letting anyone know and brag about my win later. My friends also do it all the time, making word games like Scrabble more fun than ever.

2) Scrabble

Scrabble is the best game to add to your kids’ daily routine, but only under the condition that they are already doing great in anagrams and crosswords.

You should have good vocab, strategy, and patience to win a game of Scrabble. Scrabble test your patience to the limit, as an average game can last up to one and half an hour. 

You can click on this link to learn about the setup, gameplay, and scoring rules of Scrabble.

Photo by Moritz Schmidt on Unsplash

3) Wordle

Although wordles only teach you one word per game, it is a good practice to get into the word games. I let kids exercise their minds every morning on The New York Times wordle, which gives you six attempts to solve five-letter words.


Starting with shorter and easier word games makes more sense, and you should add them to your kids’ routine. You can switch to games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Boggle, and more after some time.

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