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Sheaffer Pens and National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week

Did you know it is National Stationery Week? What a great idea to celebrate writing. I do have a fondness for lovely stationery and one of the staple items on my Birthday list is a nice pen. So I was delighted to be sent one from Sheaffer to celebrate Stationery week.

The aim of NSW week is to get Britain writing, and to focus on the importance of handwriting. Despite what the media always say, that technology is moving us away from handwriting and putting pen to paper – the two work together. National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery. Sheaffer exemplify this beautifully. Their pens are beautifully made and write so smoothly.

A Sheaffer pen would make a lovely present for a stationary addict (hint hint). This one came in a lovely box. I like the fact that it looks and feels grown up and is just for me. All my things get used by small children but they know they aren’t allowed to touch my special pen.

I don’t usually like my handwriting in a ballpoint pen but because this rolls so fluidly I found I could write really neatly.

I like the sleek silver design of the Sheaffer pen. It is much thinner than any other pen I have owned but feels very solid and heavy in your hand. You can also buy the same style with a fountain pen, a roller ball or a pencil nib.

Find the whole range of Shaeffer pens here. Find out more about National Stationery Week here.

Disclaimer: I was sent the pen for the purposes of this review

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