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Seven Reasons Online Lessons Can Be Great for Kids

Kids and online learning

Online education has taken off in the last couple of years. From universities and schools to private coaching classes, online education in all sectors has truly come of age. But is online education only limited to niche periods in our lifetime such as the pandemic? Does it have a place now that the world is slowly getting back to regular life? The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s take a look at seven reasons why online teaching is here to stay, and why it can be great for kids.

Huge Range of Options

In response to increasing demand in the pandemic, online tutoring has branched out into a vast number of personalised and specific, subject options. For example, Online Lessons — a virtual, private-tutoring firm in the UK — offers maths lessons, science lessons, languages, and more. Their tutors each have several years’ experience teaching in British schools. They offer a trial session for a nominal rate to let you check if you feel comfortable with online tutoring.

Personalised Attention

Private, online lessons offer individualised attention, which helps students bridge gaps in their knowledge that may have escaped attention in a larger classroom set-up in school. Research has found that tutoring can boost results in subjects like maths by three months over the course of a year.

Progress Monitoring

Online teaching allows tutors and parents to keep track of lessons via the notes section in the teaching app. The teacher can record comments about what went well, and what needs to be worked upon. This helps parents to stay involved and invested in their children’s learning.

Lesser Anxiety

A number of students have come forward to say that they felt less anxious during online lessons. For one, there’s no chance of bullying happening in a private tutoring class. For another, for subjects they don’t feel confident in, such as English or History, kids can take online English lessons from the comfort of their homes. 

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Greater Flexibility

Virtual tutoring offers way more flexibility than traditional tutoring. Since there is no commute, parents don’t have to spend time away from their jobs and everyday lives to drive their kids. Also, online classes help your child stay on track even if your family is travelling.

Lower Price

Virtual teaching platforms hire teachers that work from their own homes. So, they often do not need to cover expensive, overhead costs. Many platforms try to pass on this benefit to parents via lower fees. 

More Confidence, Better Interpersonal Skills

Often, children hesitate to ask questions in front of others in the school classroom. On the other hand, in a private, online session, the student can feel more comfortable in overcoming their shyness to ask questions without having to worry about being shamed for them. This can improve the confidence and interpersonal skills of the child.

Online lessons, chosen judiciously, can help with your child’s overall development and well-being. They also help in covering lost ground. To make the right choice of online lessons for your child, take their input and make a decision together!

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