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Selwood Sandbox Review

Without doubt, our favourite material for sensory play is sand. It feels so good between your fingers and toes and you can build whatever you want. I was delighted to be sent a sandbox from Selwood to review

The sandbox comes in a surprisingly small box. It is 1m square and perfect for small gardens. I am not the best at putting together flatpacks and hate to follow instructions but I found this really easy to do and it only took me about half an hour to put together. In the box you get everything you need to make the sandbox, you need to get the sand separately. we got ours with our supermarket food delivery for just a couple of pounds.

The sandbox is made from treated cedar wood. The wood is a lovely light colour and feels very smooth, with no jagged edges. The sandbox is really easy to move if you want to put it in different areas. The bottom of the box is a plastic lining so you can just pick it up and go. You do have to be careful setting up the lining so the edges match as it is exactly the right size to fit underneath. You would easily be able to store the sandbox in your shed over the winter by resting it on it’s side. It wouldn’t take up too much space.

The sides of the sandbox is about 17cm high. This means you can fit a lot of sand inside and it is easy for children to get in and out.

On each corner is a triangle seat. These are perfect for children to sit on and get comfy while they are playing. We could easily fit all three children in this sandbox with them each at a corner.

Once it is made then it is time to play. We used our buckets and spades for the beach and the girls had a brilliant time playing in their sandbox.

The Selwood sandbox also comes with a cover. This fits snugly over the top and keeps the sand dry and clean. It is easy to fit so I have tried to encourage the girls to cover the sand when they have finished. Let’s just say that’s a work in progress.

I really like the simplicity of the Selwood sandbox. The cost is great too as it is only £29.99 – for a wooden sandbox which will last many years this is great value for money. It even comes with a ten year wood guarantee.  You could turn it into a flower planter when the children have outgrown the need to play in the sand. It looks great in the garden and doesn’t take up too much space but provides lots and lots of lovely opportunities for play. It is like having a little beach in our garden.

Disclaimer: We were sent the sandbox for the purposes of this review.

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