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Self-Love: 5 Activities To Help Build Your Confidence

Self-Love: 5 Activities To Help Build Your Confidence

Having high self-esteem is important at every age. Great confidence gives us the comfort we need to speak up and make new friends when we’re young. And as we age, our confidence pushes us to persevere through other challenges like finding a job. Test out these great activities to help build your confidence!

Create a Journal

Journaling benefits our minds for many reasons. While some use it as a hobby to decompressothers write about their daily wins. The way you journal depends on what works best. For example, some people do best writing complimentary letters to themselves while others journal to vent about their emotions.

Learn Something New

Learning something new takes skill, practice, and perseverance; it’s something to feel proud of. Think about what area your confidence seems most lacking in, then learn a new talent within that area. Growth can feel uncomfortable, but it’s because of the challenge. Just remember to avoid pushing yourself too far; while a little discomfort is natural, too much could add to your stress levels. You can always increase your challenges with time.  

Pro Tip: Confidence and the Arts

Many turn to the world of music for a self-esteem booster since instruments like guitar or piano require various skills. As you learn piano, you can create fun challenges by playing duets since this is also a great way to boost your skill. Plus, one of the great reasons to play duets is to get comfortable playing in front of others.

Change the Way You Think

Confidence starts from within, so it’s time to end negative self-talk! Sure, there is constructive criticism, but you’ll face the consequences when that inner critic gets too loud. Practice mindfulness to allow these thoughts to float away like leaves on a river. As you do this, also try to think of ways to transform a negative thought into something positive.

Think of Affirmations

When you wake up on a jam-packed day, remind yourself that everything will be okay. Or, if you have concerns about an upcoming job interview, reassure yourself that you’ll do great. Positive affirmations prepare you for success by setting you on the road to success.

Practice Self-Care

Everyone needs to take care of themselves, and sometimes, a day of relaxation could be just what you need to boost your self-esteem. This is a great activity to help build your confidence because it gives you time to focus on all the things you love about yourself. Aim to set aside time to take a warm bath or for a face mask so that you can focus on the self-love you deserve.

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